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Jordan has been around the block in the education world for the last dozen years, most recently as a middle school teacher and high school administrator right here in Bishop. He has a passion for helping the youth of our community develop into empowered, productive members of society. As a middle school teacher, Jordan realized the need for a safe, productive place for youth in the community to gather during out of school hours. His dream is for students on the Eastside to be able to engage in healthy activities and have a place to be themselves.


Vice President

A middle school history teacher for the past 20+ years at Home Street Middle School, Meghan is grateful to be living in a place that offers so many outdoor activities. Many years educating students in school and also through outdoor education has demonstrated the need in this community for alternative places for students to be supported and feel welcomed in an environment where they can thrive. She was raised in Providence, RI and has continued to move west. She’s happily married with two children.



Grace has worked with kids and young families in community and healthcare settings for over 15 years. A relative newcomer to the Owen’s Valley, she’s been involved in various community groups since she arrived and is happy to lend administrative support to the ESSC. When not working, she’s happily tinkering in the garden or playing with her young son and pup.



Stephen has lived in Bishop for over a decade and has a passion for education and community service. While he was getting his PhD in Astrophysics, he was heavily involved in teaching astronomy and physics to inner-city children. Once he moved out to the Owens Valley, he was director of Public Outreach at the Owens Valley Radio Observatory and started the popular "Explore Your Universe" public lecture series. He currently works as a Data Science Engineer, serves on the Bishop City Council, on various local non-profit boards, and spends a lot of time volunteering around the valley.


Member at Large

Meryl Picard is an enrolled member of the Bishop Paiute tribe. She is the owner of Tribal Strong Coaching and the Language Manager for Owens Valley Career Development Center. Meryl received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Montana and has over 15 years of professional experience working with Students and Native American communities. It has been her professional goal to work with and help strengthen the lives of our youth, and help work to eliminate the barriers they may face in our communities.


Member at Large

Bishop local and Spellbinder Books Manager, Adrian Muñoz is the first in his family to graduate high school. A proud Palisade Glacier High school graduate, Adrian was part of the Pali Gatsby New York trip in 2016. Fundraising, volunteering, and community service enable him to showcase his community-centered passions. He is always willing to offer support to students and help teachers stock their bookshelves to reflect young people’s experiences. He believes that youth should have supportive and welcoming environments, like the Eastside Student Center, to grow and be themselves. Adrian is excited about his role in guiding the center—this was something he would have benefited from during his adolescence. When Adrian isn’t working, you’ll find he enjoys reading, working on his art, or listening to BTS. He currently lives in Bishop with his fiancée. Additionally, he is bilingual and hilarious.

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